As part of the heat recovery from industrial process, Tecnoterm has recently developed a heat recovery system from coke oven flue gas within a steel manufacturing industry, dealing with all the phases of project, from engineering to construction in its own workshops, from on site installation to commissioning.

The residual thermal energy of coke oven flue gas, that is generally dispersed in the atmosphere, is herewith used in a heat recovery steam generator with thermal power up to 15 MWt ca. for the production of saturated or superheated steam (up to 20 t/h steam at the operating pressure of 40 barg).

Even though coke oven flue gas temperature is quite low (about 300-400 ° C), Tecnoterm heat recovery system has very high efficiency system and, at the same time, a compact size.

The saturated steam generator is water-tube type, natural circulation, complete with feedwater pumps group, economiser (ECO) for feedwater preheating, boiler cleaning system, instrumentation and safety devices.
In order to maximize the boiler efficiency, downstream economiser (ECO) a tail-end economizer (ECO2) for production of hot/superheated water can be installed.
The steam generator can be installed complete of flue gas line BOP (Balance of Plant): gas distributor with diverter bypass modulant damper and relative pneumatic actuator, ducts, textile expansion joints and ID flue gas fan (if any) with relevant silencer.

The customized project has been developed in accordance with the specific requirements of Customer application and manufactured based on standard and well prooven design.
The evaporator tube bundles and several components of the heat recovery system are pre-assembled in our workshop in transportable modules to be connected and then thermal insulated on site.