RE-BOIL 2.1/320/AC

Plant description:
Heat recovery thermal oil boiler on flue gas coming from solid fuel combustion furnace (solid wood biomass, such as wood chips, bark, sawdust).

The heat recovery boiler is multitubular type, consisting of radiant channels and convective tubes bundle, equipped with boiler cleaning system (compressed air soot blowers), lower hoppers for the collection of ashes and dust, refractory expansion joint connecting furnace post-combustion chamber with boiler inlet, instrumentation and safety devices.

Technical data RE-BOIL 2.1/320/AC:
– Heat output thermal oil: 2.1 MW
– Thermal oil temperature (in/out): 230/314 ° C
– Boiler design pressure: 10 barg

In order to maximize the boiler efficiency, downstream the thermal oil heat recovery boiler an economizer (ECO) for hot water production is integrated.

Technical data hot water ECO:
– Heat output to hot water: 0.4 MW
– Hot water temperature (in/out): 70/90 ° C
– ECO design pressure: 10 barg

The thermal oil heated up to temperature of about 314 ° C feeds an ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) CHP turbogenerator for the combined generation of electricity (300 kWel) and heat available as hot water flow, feeding the district heating network nearby the biomass cogenerative station.

Tecnoterm Energy has provided the thermal oil boiler and all the BOP (Balance Of Plant), consisting of:
– Thermal oil complete hydraulic connections and circuit with thermal oil circulation pumps skid, storage tank and expansion tank, bypass/emergency thermal oil coolers, piping/valves, instrumentation and accessories.
– Exhaust gas complete line between boiler-pre-dedusting cyclone, cyclone-ESP filter, ESP filter-ID fan-exhaust stack, expansion joints textile type.