WT-D series

Direct fired saturated or superheated steam generator, equipped with industrial natural gas/diesel oil fueled burner.
The steam generator is water tube type “D”, natural circulation, consisting of two steam drums (upper/lower), pressurized side combustion chamber, convective tube bundle and circulation pipes.

The steam generator is provided complete of feedwater pumps group, economiser for feedwater preheating finned/smooth tubes type (depending on the fuel) and, if required, a convective steam superheater with intermediate de-superheater (spray type) can be integrated in the generator package.

The steam generator is equipped with valves/accessories, electric cubicle with PLC, safety devices and instrumentation for boiler automatic regulation and control.

The steam generator can be equipped with optional accessories, such as instrumentation and safety devices according to PED Directive 97/23/CE allowing the automatic unattended boiler plant operation for a period up to 72 hours (H72).

The steam generator is pre-assembled, tested and thermal insulated in workshop. It is a package boiler to be transported by truck, ready for immediate installation on site.

Technical data WT-D series:
– Steam production: up to 40 t/h
– Operation pressure: up to 50 barg
– Superheated steam temperature: up to 480 °C
– Feedwater temperature: 90-120 °C
– Boiler design pressure: up to 60 barg

The steam is used in production process of chemical, pharmaceutical, glass, textile, food, pulp&paper industries and power generation.