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Fire tube boiler under overhaul


All the activities of technical assistance, service, maintenance, repair and overhaul of industrial boilers represent for Tecnoterm Energy the field of most experienced activities. In this field Tecnoterm Energy is able to offer a complete after-sales service, through highly specialized operators with prompt and efficient interventions, both for ordinary and for extraordinary.maintenance.

Tecnoterm Energy is able to offer its Customers planned maintenance contracts and full overhaul of boiler equipments either on installation site or in its own workshop.
In all the industrial boiler plants, both fire tube and water tube type, Tecnoterm Energy is able to offer:

Prompt assistance intervention
– Planned maintenance contracts
– ON-SITE complete overhauls
Spare parts warehouse
– Technical assistance for third parties

Technical assistance on electric and automation devices

Our technicians are able to perform a full range of interventions in order to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the heat generator:
– Monitoring and control of the combustion.
– Check and control of alarms, blocks and control system.
– Check with electronic system and certification of flue gas emission at stack in accordance with the applied regulations.
– Check and adjustment of electrical equipment and devices according to the applied regulations.
– Checking and adjustment of the equipment of fuel gas supply line according to UNI EN 676.
– Annual scheduled maintenance contracts based on Customer specific plant requirements.
– Delivery of spare parts with the best quality materials and manufacturing brands.

Technical assistance on pressure parts and auxiliary steel constructions

Tecnoterm Energy is able to provide a complete assistance on every device related to pressure parts, steel constructions and refractory materials of any type of boiler through:
– Planned maintenance.
– Detecting of defects by means of non-destructive testing.
– Repair of pressure parts with design and testing.
– Refractory replacement
– Complete certified overhaul of the boiler pressure parts.

Tecnoterm Energy uses for pressure parts welding works approved procedures and welders qualified by the most important welding control bodies.
Our technicians are allowed to perform non-destructive testing of welds, such as:
– penetrant liquids,
– Magnetic particle examination,
– Ultrasound,
– Radiograph,
– according to UNI EN 473.

Due to the very long experience in technical assistance, repair, overhaul and maintenance of industrial boiler plants, Tecnoterm Energy is able to provide extraordinary maintenance intervention within 48-72 hours from the call (Europe).