BOP-Balance of Plant

The technical know-how and highly specialized personnel allow Tecnoterm Energy to provide all the ancillary equipments of boiler and heat distribution plant (BOP-Balance of Plant):

Steam complete circuit (feedwater pumps skid, thermophysical pressurized deareator, steam storage tanks, piping/valves, instrumentation and accessories)
Thermal oil complete circuit (oil circulation pumps skid, storage tanks and expansion tanks, bypass/emergency heat exchangers, piping/valves, instrumentation and accessories)
Exhaust gas complete line (gas distributor with diverter damper, post-firing system, fabric expansion joints, ducts, bypass stack, main stack and steel structures).

The BoP activity is developed through careful feasibility analysis, detailed design, “turnkey” delivery and supply of materials, pressure test, commissioning and plant operator personnel training.

Due to very long experience in installation and mechanical erection of industrial boiler plants, Tecnoterm Energy is able to work not only in new plants construction but also in the revamping of existing installations and the relative heat distribution piping.